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general manager: Madison sakamoto

Our Retail General Manager Madison Sakamoto joined the Redbarn family in 2017 with a mission to educate others about cannabis. She is excited about the research and groundbreaking information surfacing with the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis.

As a cannabis enthusiast and advocate, she strives to bring a wide selection of top quality flower, extracts, edibles, tinctures and more to the Customers of Redbarn Dispensary. She is adamant about assessing each and every product available, making sure it meets all quality standards to ensure you will always find the best Oregon has to offer in Redbarn Dispensaries. 

Madison brings with her over 10 years of retail management experience and a growing knowledge of the cannabis industry. Her passion for learning and helping others qualifies her to assist in sourcing the best products for any individuals needs.

DISTRICT manager: Katelyn Hollamon

Katelyn Hollamon has been a part of the Redbarn team since December 2019. She started her journey at Redbarn with very little knowledge and made a goal to educate herself and others on the many benefits of cannabis. She uses cannabis to treat her chronic anxiety and depression and advocates cannabis for others who struggle with mental health.


Katelyn is an accomplished team leader and works hard to consistently improve the customer experience!

Stephens store manager: taylor baldwin

Taylor Baldwin has been a key player on team Redbarn, filling many roles across multiple dispensary locations. She wears a contagious smile everyday and has an upbeat personality that makes her a joy to be around. She uses cannabis to relieve her anxiety and enjoys cannabis on a recreational level while she explores the beautiful PNW!

Myrtle Creek Store Manager: logan koch

Logan Koch moved to Oregon specifically to join the Redbarn Team in Myrtle Creek!


Logan came with a medical background and a desire to further his knowledge about the healing properties of cannabis. Logan has had great success using cannabis to help relieve some of the symptoms brought on by Lyme disease. 

Springfield Store Manager: ASHLEY Linde

Ashley joined the Redbarn team in 2020 with intentions to educate as many individuals as possible on the medical benefits of marijuana. Using cannabis to treat her anxiety and depression, Ashley has been able to reduce the frequency of her anxiety attacks significantly. Ashley uses her experience and passion for cannabis to help people find what works for them, but that's not the only reason customers lover her. Ashely brings a positive vibe to the shop and her bubbly personality has customers returning just for the experience.

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