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Jim Belushi Visits Redbarn Dispensary

in Myrtle Creek

According to Jim, the Redbarn Dispensary in Myrtle Creek is “one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the state of Oregon. And I’ve been to a lot of them,” he said.

Actor and musician Jim Belushi, whose career includes an eight-year stint as the star of television’s “According to Jim,” made the comment during a visit to Todd and Tony Theiss’s dispensary as a special guest Tuesday afternoon.

More than 100 people lined up outside to come in and take a quick photo with 64-year-old Belushi. The actor, who began his career in television back in the late 70s, has also appeared in several movies, including “K-9” and “Curly Sue.”

Todd Theiss lingered on the fringes making sure the sales were going well while keeping an eye on Belushi and the crowd inside. “It’s exciting,” Todd Theiss said. “He’s partnered with several dispensaries around the state that he likes and wants to do business with and we are fortunate enough to be one of them.”

Misty Schartner gushed as she waited at the front of the line to take a photo with Belushi. “Oh my god, you’re so cool! I’m so excited right now,” Schartner said. “I can’t even hold it in.” Most of the people came from Myrtle Creek or Roseburg. Drew Russell from Myrtle Creek came just to see what was happening. “Something to do,” Russell said. “Getting out of the house, meeting new people. I grew up watching some of (Belushi’s) movies. My grandma watches more.”

Belushi has been growing his marijuana on his farm in Eagle Point near the Rogue River for three years and sells his products in select dispensaries around the state, occasionally making appearances in some of his favorite places and selling his most exclusive products. “Oregon is the greatest state with cannabis in the country, probably the world,” Belushi said. “We are going to lead with our medicine, lead the community to healing.”

Belushi spoke about cannabis as more than a medicine, but as something almost spiritual that affects everything from music to health to interactions with loved ones.

“It’s all medicine,” Belushi said. “Whether you have seizures, PTSD, helps with headaches, backaches, there’s so many great things it helps with, but it also enhances music, it enhances the touch of your lover’s skin, food, it sparks creativity. Also, it brings a sense of euphoria and joy and lightness. That is all included in the wellness of cannabis.”


Redbarn Dispensary opens in Myrtle Creek

MYRTLE CREEK— South County residents won’t have to travel far for cannabis now that a new dispensary has opened in Myrtle Creek.


“I think the response has been overwhelming,” said Todd Theiss, who owns Redbarn Dispensary with his wife Serena Theiss. He added his customers tell him they’re glad they no longer have to drive to Roseburg or Eugene to get the products they want.


Todd Theiss said he was astounded at the amount of traffic Redbarn had opening day, Aug. 31, including people who had happened to stop by and others who told him they’d been long awaiting the grand opening.

Todd and Serena Theiss also own the Redbarn Garden Supply, Village Realty and South Umpqua Property Management. “It’s been an extremely long and difficult road, but we’re glad we’re here to serve the residents of South County, and they’ve been showing their support,” Todd Theiss said. The patrons have represented all different age groups, and about half of them are 50 years old or older. The oldest customer so far has been a 95-year-old woman. “It’s been a steady flow of traffic, and it appears each day gets a little bit better,” Theiss said.

The dispensary offers both medical and recreational products, including cannabis flour, tinctures, rubs, capsules and cannabidiol-only products. Martijn Wagner, general manager of Redbarn Dispensary, said he’s been hearing a lot of great feedback from customers. “Everyone’s pleased with the setting and atmosphere we’ve provided,” Wagner said. As a farmer himself, Wagner said he’s aware of how the product should be grown, manicured and produced.

He added the community in general has welcomed the business with open arms.

“Redbarn is here to stay, and we have some big things in the works,” Wagner said. “We’re looking to become a big part of the Douglas County community, and we’re here to bring jobs to the community and good clean cannabis to the OLCC smokers of Oregon.”

“It’s been extremely challenging to manoeuvre through the land-use laws and find a spot and work with the city since they decided they wanted to opt in,” Theiss said. Part of the property where Redbarn Dispensary now stands is within city limits, while another part had been unincorporated county property. The city was able to annex the rest of the property so the business could move forward.


Once Redbarn gained approval from the City of Myrtle Creek, it applied with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and the location itself went through what Theiss described as a significant remodel. Theiss took a run down property next to his family’s fruit and vegetable stand, gutted it and renovated it to what it is today.

Mayor of Myrtle Creek Ken Brouillard said the dispensary is absolutely gorgeous.

“He has spent a lot of time and money and completely remodelled everything down there, black-topped it, put in a nice display, and the inside of it is just pristine,” Brouillard said. “I’m tickled to death he’s spending his money in our area.”


Brouillard made the first purchase on opening day. Though he doesn’t partake in cannabis, he purchased the marijuana for his wife for medical reasons, and to show his support for the new business.“The voters of Oregon approved it, the City of Myrtle Creek approved it, and he’s jumped through all the hoops and hasn’t shortcut anything. He did everything right,” Brouillard said of Theiss.


Brouillard said he’s happy money is being spent in the Myrtle Creek community, the business has provided jobs for local people and the city receives tax revenue from having the dispensary operating. He estimated the city received about $65 in taxes just from the first day of business.


Sean Negherbon, city administrator, said it was a fairly smooth and straightforward process to get the business squared away with the city, and he’s excited to have a new business in town.


“He’s done a great job with the appearance of it and the operation certainly appears to be very professional,” he said. “It’s a nice addition to the city.”

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